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ANI is a growing, full-service ATM provider offering a wide selection of products and services to meet the needs of all types of financial organizations.
We offer exciting challenges, promotional opportunities and a supportive work environment at various locations throughout California. The company is headquartered in San Diego, California.

Advanced Network offers its customers hundreds of combined years of experience in banking and ATM management. The management and staff of ANI was originally assembled for the ATM servicing division of San Diego Trust & Savings Bank in 1979, the same group responsible for placing on-line the nation's 41st largest ATM network, San Diego's renowned 7/24®. This team installed, serviced and maintained more than 250 ATMs with a high degree of customer satisfaction. At its high point, the customer base consisted of San Diego Trust & Savings Bank and 25 of the leading credit unions in Southern California.

Advanced Network, Inc. was formally incorporated in 1994, after the merger of San Diego Trust & Savings Bank with First Interstate, which had its own ATM servicing operation. ANI employs over 100 full-time staff members whose sole purpose is servicing ATMs and other cash-dispensing machines. With more than 90% of ANI senior management comprised of the original San Diego Trust & Savings Bank team, we offer customers a comfort and satisfaction level that only time-proven servicing and tenured experience can produce.

The role of the Automated Teller Machine has become a vital component of many financial institutions' product delivery system. The machine, and how well it works, reflects on the image of its sponsor. That's why we believe consistent, optimum performance is essential! Our goal is to provide it to our customers.


ANI offers a comprehensive family of benefits including:
Health Care Flexible Spending Account: a plan that helps pay out-of-pocket medical costs while increasing spendable income.
Dependent Care Flexible Spending Account: benefits are similar to Health Care flex account but used for the costs of physical care of a child (such as daycare).
Health Insurance Plans: choose from 15 health plans, each offering affordable options.
Life & Accident Insurance Plans: select from Disability, Accident, Life, and Critical Illness plans to name a few.
401K Plan: save pre-tax dollars for retirement.
125B Plan: pay for qualified insurance coverage with pre-tax dollars.
Paid vacations and selected holidays.

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