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Unique driving system... we keep 'em going!

In ATM technology, communication is everything. You might have the latest features built into your ATM, but if the driving software or network can't "speak" the language you're left with a high-tech machine that performs like its grandfather.
It's like driving a Ferrari 10 MPH down a country road! To address this need, ATS (ANI Transaction Services) has developed a unique, ATM driving system that combines the latest innovations in computing and ATM hardware with networking technology. Special features exist to let your older ATMs use this new technology too. In fact all types of machines can be driven in their "native" modes.
ATS allows you to compete in the mega-bank arena without the expense and inflexibility of mainframe systems. Because our system is "open", it is easily upgraded and reconfigured "on-the-fly" making delays in bringing changes on-line a thing of the past. With ATS, your ATM "Ferrari" will no longer drive like a Model T!

Cost effective
Provides all standard features plus ease of configuration at the ATM level, institution level or network level.
Utilizes Windows NT operating system and Pentium processors.
Allows your financial institution to keep pace with large banking competitors cost-effectively.
Eliminates waiting periods for re-configuration.
Allows most ATMs to be driven in their native mode utilizing all performance options.
Developed using "open system" software.
Geographically "insensitive". Can be used in multiple locations.
Unique backup and redundancy.

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