ATM Sales, Services & Transaction Processing
Just the right balance... to keep 'em going!

At ANI we're very concerned about your cost of doing business. That's why our Cash Services department goes to great lengths to ensure that the money stocked in your ATM is just the right amount
- not too much, which costs you money - not too little, which results in shortfalls. We arrive at this delicate balance through customized software which allows us to break down withdrawal averages by day-of-the-week, day-of-the-month, seasons and holiday periods. For example, on Labor Day weekend when other ATMs are out of money, your machine is up and running because we have already predicted withdrawal demand, and you are prepared. And when it's time to order from the Federal Reserve or your supplier, we help you choose an order date that closely coincides with our delivery date so your funds are not sitting idle.
Customized software allows us to track withdrawals and build a history for each ATM based on daily withdrawal figures from the host.
Withdrawl activity is downloaded from your ATM driving host computer.
Cash requirements are predicted by averaging withdrawls by day-of-the-month, seasons and holiday periods.
We recommend cash orders to fill your anticipated need based on actual withdrawl history.
Transaction activity reports are provided daily.

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