ATM Sales, Services & Transaction Processing
Is this the road to the competition...?

If you don't provide excellent service, SOMEONE ELSE WILL!!
It's Saturday night and John needs cash. He drives to his financial institution and slides in his card. Machine down... again. Frustrated, John drives for a mile and uses Monster Bank's machine. John receives his cash, a $1.50 service charge and a plug for opening an account with Monster Bank. John literally "drove' himself to the competition, and you may have lost a customer.

ATMs serviced by ANI are "up" 99.5% of the time. What's your track record? ANI has a trained workforce of First Line staff who are expert at keeping your ATM working for you and your customers. Our First Line employees are thoroughly screened and most come from law enforcement or security backgrounds. When you enlist ANI's First Line program as your ATM partner, John gets his cash before your competition gets his business.
Over 99 % ATM availability when using ANI's combined First and Second Line service.
Various ATM services offered: balancing, cash replenishment via armored car, replenish ATM consumables, exterior cleaning, set/change ATM combinations, forms management, fault correction.
Track ATM errors and produce monthly reports.
Individualized Service to fit YOUR needs.
Deposit pick-up and delivery to designated site.
ATM Cash Certification.
Act as liaison with other ATM vendors.
Security audits ensure customer and staff safety.
Retrieve and deliver videotapes for research purposes.
Coordinate annual videotape purchase, replacement, labeling and installation.
Coordinate video surveillance maintenance.
Quarterly alarm testing.

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