ATM Sales, Services & Transaction Processing
Our average is 2 days... to keep 'em going!

How long does it take your institution to respond to a Reg. E claim? Are you consistently up against the legal response limit with the stress to show for it? We've answered many Reg. E claims in a matter of hours;
our average is two days. Most important, we often find and correct the error before a claim becomes necessary.
ANI's custom software allows us to scrutinize exception transactions in a fraction of the time it takes you to review ATM reports page by page. Complying with the law can be efficient and hassle-free when you let ANI assist you. We handle adjustment claims through COOP, STAR, AFFN and MAN.
Reg. E. claims and adjustments are researched, documented and settled for our customers. We house supporting documentation to comply with retention schedules.
Routine, quality testing on VCR equipment and film.
Storage and/or destruction of audit media, according to your needs.
Customized software processes ATM adjustments and all electronic journals, including NCR, Diebold and Fujitsu. We have download capability for any compatible processor.
Video research for Reg. E. investigation plus maintenance of film archives.
Concise reports show adjustment entries and claims to facilitate and support your general ledger entries.

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