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Your ATM repair team... we keep 'em going!

When your ATM needs repair, is crisis management the mode of the day? With ANI's Second Line service you can avoid trial by crisis and relax, all for a flat monthly fee!
Our "Predictive" maintenance approach means that many mechanical problems are averted before they actually occur - and that means more "up" time for your ATM, happier customers and lower repair costs. When your ATM needs repair, our dedicated dispatch department addresses your problem promptly. If your machine requires time-consuming attention our technicians will immediately replace the non-working part with a sub-assembly, allowing your machine to continue to serve your customers until it is permanently repaired.
Factory-trained technicians for Fujitsu, Diebold & NCR machines; specialized training for other models.
Extensive spare parts inventory for all major manufacturers ensures prompt repair.
Repair of ATM hardware for all major manufacturers.
Periodic preventative maintenance of ATMS.
Automatic dispatch of field technicians when more than three "Soft" errors are detected. (Predictive maintenance.)
Unlimited calls.
Custom industry specific software helps us track machine trends for predictive maintenance to pinpoint failures.
Flat monthly service fee includes travel time, parts, vendor meetings or calls.
Our computer systems provide sophisticated "open" call alerts and tracking.
Trouble shoot ATM hardware, software and communication problems.
Coordinate ATM renovations relocation and installations.

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